Jones Jones / The Moscow Improvisations

Mark Dresser, Bass / Vladimir Tarasov, Percussion / Larry Ochs, Sopranino and Tenor Saxophones


Track Listing: 1. Ionization Jones  (11:51) / 2. Perpetuo Mojo Jones (4:24) / 3. Jones Tolstoyevich Jones (20:17) / 4. Jonesnost (5:07) / 5. Dialectical Jones (9:55)

Released April 2016. Recorded September 24, 2009, live in Manege Hall at Theater “School of Dramatic Art,” Moscow, Russia. Recording and Mixdown by Andrey Zachesov. Mastering by Myles Boisen at Headless Buddha Lab in Oakland, California. Produced by Lawrence Ochs and Andrey Zachesov. Musicians’ special thanks to Alexey Malobrodsky and Tanya Lukyanova. Photos by Nataly Cheban. Cover art and Design by Doug Hall. All music © Dresser, Ochs, Tarasov / Trobar/ASCAP/ LATGA administered by BMG-Chrysalis. 

Recorded live in Moscow during the 2010 Moscow Biennale of the Arts; that festival featured a Vladimir Tarasov retrospective focusing exclusively on Tarasov’s installation art. In conjunction with the exhibit, Moscow Biennale invited Jones Jones members Ochs and Dresser to fly to Moscow for one special concert to occur concurrently with the Biennale. This CD, finally being released in 2016,  was recorded in stereo in the special hall given over for this concert.

Three long time masters of the improvised music world team up here, as always,  for inspiring forays into the world of creative improvised-music. The trio first performed as a unit in 2006 in the San Francisco Bay Area, and the concert was very special. It consisted of collective, leaderless, sound-explorations among three musicians whose ability to listen and respond shone forth during the concert. Their modus operandi has never changed; they get together annually for a few concerts stretching from California to New York to Europe and Russia.

Performing entirely improvised music, Jones Jones’ musical performances draw on all the individual musicians’ past experiences, and that somehow adds up, not necessarily to “more than the sum of the parts,” but definitely to something unique and very special that could only have happened within this particular trio configuration. The band performed in June/July 2008 in Amsterdam and St Petersburg, plus festivals in Lithuania and Latvia. Jones Jones also was featured at The 2008 Festival Of New American Music in Sacramento, California. A first live-CD release, the music taken from  recordings in St. Petersburg and Amsterdam concerts, is called “We All Feel the Same Way,” It was  released by the Moscow label “SoLyd Records” in September 2009.


We All Feel the Same Way Album Review

— Bruce Lee Gallanter, Downtown Music Gallery June 2011

Featuring Larry Ochs tenor & sopranino saxes, Mark Dresser on contrabass and Vladimir Tarasov on percussion. Superb live recordings from two gigs, one in St. Petersburg, Russia and one from the Bimhuis in Amsterdam, Netherlands. All three of these fine fellows are master musicians and leaders in their own right. No doubt that you know the work of Mr. Ochs and Mr. Dresser, but you should also be aware of the great Russian drummer Vladimir Tarasov from the legendary Ganelin Trio and/or his collaborations with Anthony Braxton, Andrew Cyrille or Keshavan Maslak.

There is nothing quite like powerful improvisations played by international masters like these. Every sound is newly invented or conjured based on the long histories of each member. The musicians create an ongoing dialogue between themselves, weaving around one another and interacting thoughtfully. This is an ideal situation for all three members of this trio as they explore and shift together through different rapids, fast and slow, cautious and explosive, but always as one combined force. Each of the five pieces is like a story unfolding with a variety of feelings evoked: intense, scary, cosmic, spirited, organic, spicy and even calm at the center. A truly outstanding trio! 

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