May 29, 2016
Jones Jones – featuring the great Mark Dresser on bass, master percussionist Vladimir Tarasov – direct from Vilnius, Lithuania – and Larry Ochs played recently in Los Angeles, San Diego, and Berkeley (May 2016).

This trio has existed since 2006 now, but usually they play abour 3 concerts a year together, on average. Despite the limited meetings, Jones Jones has indeed developed a beautiful group-sound; the band occupies its own unique solar system within the universe of free improvisation.

The new CD called The Moscow Improvisations came out on the European label “Not Two” in April. A series of improvisations recorded in concert in 2009 in Moscow during the Moscow Biennale, which included a major retrospective of Tarasov’s installation art. Jones Jones presented this concert as a further feature of Tarasov’s artistry. Available here in the discography.

While I of course like this CD alot, it must be said that the 2016 version of Jones Jones is operating at another level. Which one would hope, since this newly reeased CD was recorded 7 years ago. It’s the beauty of long-standing free-improvisational bands that their group-sound evolves, expands, becomes more nuanced, more dynamic and more exciting over time. But Jones Jones’ set of concerts in California was a shockingly positive experience. Namely I was enthralled as a listener with what I was hearing from Dresser and Tarasov whenever I dropped out of the trio improvisations, leaving their duo to roam freely for awhile. I can’t think of one moment where I felt like I really needed to come back in and jolt the music back in focus, pushing it immediately somewhere else. All my re-entries were fade-ups, attempts to blend in with what these 2 cats were doing. Magical music! So I hope we get a chance to release a CD in 2017 or 2018 that documents the current musical state of affairs for Jones Jones.

More information on the band on this website under Groups.