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Reasons For Moving @ Festival Jazzdor November 13, 2018

May 13, 2018 by Ochs

Two European festivals: Festival Jazzdor in Strasbourg, France and Music Unlimited in Wels, Austria will present the first shows in Europe by Reasons for Moving. Read more

Ochs interviewed in Jazz Inside Magazine

Oct 15, 2017 by Ken Weiss

I want music to transport people someplace. I want it to be an out of body experience, and I think there’s less of an emphasis on that goal, the out of body part of music, these days. When you listen to a Charles Ives symphony, it isn’t necessary to be able to read the music on paper… Read more

Ochs – Nels Cline – Gerald Cleaver - December 2017 shows

Jul 19, 2017

Advance Notice - Nels and Gerald and Ochs will be reuniting in December with concerts almost set for new Haven, Brooklyn, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Detroit and Chicago. Read more

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Rova :: Orkestrova: No Favorites! for Lawrence 'Butch' Morris

New World 80782 (2016)  Read more..

Commendation Quotes

 Rova, with its inspired Orkestrova, engages Coltrane's uncompromising compositional attitude and boundaries, pushing with its own sense of informed and masterful improvisation. This marrying of great minds and souls is what makes Electric Ascension such a great triumph. This time Coltrane's music not only heats the nearby atmosphere but also chills out your mind.  

In the end we hear great things, the art of three excellent improvisors forming a synergy that ranks with some of the best such outings in recent years. It is fascinating and ever-moving. This is real-deal freedom! Read more..
— Greg Applegate Edwards, blog

 Ochs’s long welcoming speech on (the Sax & Drumming Core piece) ‘Across from Over’ is one of the best available representations on record of his remarkable post-post-Coltrane style, an ironclad line that ripples with harmonic potential.  

— The Penguin Jazz Guide
As a finale in this altogether bracing set, the finest set I happened to catch in the New Music Series' history, what Mr. Ochs called "a piece for Muddy Waters" was built on scattered gestures and overtones, gusting sounds, and tones bleeding through the horn, while Mr. Robinson's drums dealt eloquent cathartic bliss. Read more..
— Josef Woodard, Santa Barbara News Press