Harris Eisenstadt, Drums / Ken Filiano, Bass
 / Pascal Niggenkemper, Bass / Nate Wooley, Trumpet Larry Ochs, Compositions, Tenor and Sopranino Saxophones

Wildly imaginative stories in sound, by a quintet of veteran improvising musicians… In September 2013, Larry Ochs was in residence at The Stone. On two nights that week he premiered this quintet to enthusiastic acclaim. But most importantly, all five musicians were really excited by what happened at The Stone. The music was on fire, the compositions sparked their imaginations and left plenty of room for continued exploration.

Because Ochs lives in San Francisco Bay Area and the others in Brooklyn, The Fictive Five did not perform again until December 2014, immediately followed by a really focused recording session. The music from that session released in October 2015 on Tzadik, the label curated by John Zorn. Bring your imaginations and be ready for anything, and you won’t be disappointed.

TFF premiered in Europe at Jazz em Agosto 2017 in Lisbon, Portugal to wild acclaim, followed a month later by concerts in Chicago and at Ann Arbor’s festival of improvised music Edgefest 2017. A second CD will be recorded in May 2018 with plans for a complete European tour in March 2019.  Hey: if the schedules of these busy musicians permitted, this band would tour twice yearly; the music is that that inspiring to delve in to, and the effect on the audiences is so clearly positive.

Latest Release

Larry Ochs: The Fictive Five

Tzadik (October 30, 2015)  Read more..

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