Larry Ochs – Gerald Cleaver / Songs of the Wild Cave

larry ochs: tenor and sopranino saxophones
gerald cleaver: drums, percussion


1. First Steps 9:05
2. Into The Air 5:16
3. Deeper 9:52
4. Down 5:46
5. Ringing It In 7:07
6. Rooted in Clay 8:59
7. Light From The Shadows 14:35

Total time 60:51

All pieces co-created by Gerald Cleaver (Gerald Cleaver Music / SESAC) and Larry Ochs (Trobar / ASCAP / admin. BMG)

Recorded at a secret cave in southwest of France on October 1, 2016. Sound engineer: Vincent Mahey. Assistant sound engineer: Arthur Gouret. Organized by Alban Jacques for Un Pave dans le Jazz. CD produced by Michel Dorbon. Mixing by Vincent Mahey.

Upon a 2014 invitation from Toulouse producer Alban Jacques, and with substantial support from Michel Dorbon of Rogue Art, Larry Ochs and Gerald Cleaver ventured - in 2016 — down 50 feet below the surface of the earth into a huge wild cave with very special acoustics, unique air quality, and pitch-black darkness; an engagement with the cave itself; thus a once-in-a-lifetime trio of improvised music.

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